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About Me


During my life I have been lucky enough to have been assisted along the way by various people, some professional and some not. Their kindness led me to firmly believe in being the change you want to see in the world and it has been an absolute privilege to be able to professionally assist others through their difficulties in turn. The world can be a rough place sometimes and my contribution has always been to support and assist others through those struggles. Helping others to help themselves, providing unconditional positive regard, empathy or a different perspective. Sometimes we all just need someone to listen, to understand or point us in the right direction in order to be our best selves. I always try to provide this to those who need it.

Training & Experience

I started my formal training in the field of mental health in 2008. I trained as a social worker at the University of Stellenbosch. I went on to work in child protection, working with children, teenagers and their families. This included but was not limited to working with trauma, abuse, substance use and behavioural problems.

I then started my masters in clinical social work at the University of Cape Town. I completed my clinical social work internship at Lentegeur psychiatric hospital child and family unit in 2016. After my internship I continued to work at Lentegeur psychiatric hospital as a clinical social worker. I worked with teenagers and their families within the Child and Family units therapeutic ward (LAU) as well as their high-risk ward (LAPRU) for teenagers with more acute conditions. Here I worked with adolescents and their families struggling with anxiety or depression related mood disorders, psychotic disorders, substance use disorders, personality disorders, trauma and adjustment disorders. I also assisted parents with parental guidance, family work and at times relationship counselling.

In 2021 I was accepted for my masters in clinical psychology at the University of the Western Cape. I worked at the university student support services (CSSS) as a student psychologist, assisting students with life challenges, mood, adjustment & other psychiatric disorders. In 2022 I completed my internship at 2 Military Hospital at the South African National Defence Force. This included rotations in n psychiatry, paediatrics as well as medical which included surgical & oncology. Here I delivered Individual, family as well as couples therapy for a range of challenges including Depressive, Anxiety, Personality, Psychotic, Substance use and Trauma Related Disorders.
During 2023 I completed my community service at Khayelitsha District Hospital. Here I assisted at the hospital but also in two clinics, namely Michael M Clinic as well as Nolongile clinic. My workload consisted of but was not limited to those struggling with suicidality, intimate partner violence, behavioural challenges in children & adolescents, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, grief & loss, coping with medical conditions as well as trauma & trauma related.

I have been privileged enough to accumulate a wide range of experience during my career, assisting individuals, families and couples. Much of my experience has been centred around working with adults, teenagers and couples in relation to a very wide range of challenges. I have also been lucky enough to have benefited from training in a wide range of evidence-based interventions, allowing me to best fit my approach to your needs.

Relevant Qualification

  • Bachelor of Social work – University of Stellenbosch
  • Masters in Social Science specializing in Clinical Social Work-University of Cape Town
  • Bachelor of Arts Honours in Psychology (Cum Laude)- University of South Africa
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology -University of the Western Cape
  • DBT Training Course with Dr. Blaise Aguirre – Realign Thinking
  • McMasters Family Therapy Training Course – Professor Graham Saayman
  • Level 3 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Diploma – Oxford Learning College
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Association of South Africa – Advanced Associate Member (CBT/Cognitive Therapy)
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